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Roman Kazus

Roman Kazus borrows the main plots for his paintings from the modern media stream.

For me, the similarity between painting and media is obvious - both imitate reality, but are not it, says Kazus.

The painting of Roman Kazus is, first of all, a synthesis of the abstract and the figurative, where recognizable images and symbols fit into a certain abstract environment. The plot is guessed, but only partially, it is impossible to determine what is happening, to describe the event. The same is true in the media space, in which only the illusion of reality is created.


2018-19 - Free workshops, MMOMA


June-November 2020 - Open Studios Winzavod


2018 - American Art Awards 2018

Category political commentary



2021 - Stranger, Nikolkaya Gallery, Moscow

2018 - "War with Meaning", Dordor Gallery, Moscow


2020 - "Actual Russia: The Art of Memory", Zaryadye Media Center, Moscow

2019 - "Dysmorphophobia, or the War inside you", MMOMA, Moscow

2019 - "Molodezhka", Moscow House of Artists, Moscow

2019 - "I will find you", Tula Regional Art Museum, Tula

2018 - "Coordinates", CTI Fabrika, Moscow

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