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Maxim Shishov

By education Maxim is a Psychologist and Teacher of Deviant Behavior, a member of the Trade Union of Artists of Russia.

Maxim is trying to reveal the sacred themes of humanity through minimalist paintings and art objects.

Maxim does not limit himself in materials and tries to convey ideas in the most appropriate way (installation, painting, photo).

To create his works, Maxim often uses unnecessary (discarded) materials, as well as canvases of his own production, which he makes from advertising banners that are not recycled.


- Artist in residence at Shanye Dreaming Art Gallery in Qionghai, Hainan Island, China, 2018-19. During this time, he created 3 sculptures called "WE ARE THE SAME" and 6 paintings

- Participated in the Open Academy of the Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA) in the field of Contemporary Art in August 2019.

- From August 15 to 30, a solo ONLINE EXHIBITION was held at ALBE Art Gallery, Abu Dhabi, UAE

- Phototriptych participated in the exhibition "GLOBAL CONVESATION" dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, organized by the United Nations UN75, F.99 and IKONOSPACE from December 1 to 15, 2020

-The work "SAY NO TO RACISM" made it to the final of the Walter Koschatzky Art-Award 2019, Vienna, Austria.

-The work "EQUIVALENT" was exhibited at Boomer Gallery, London, UK, July 2020.

-The works "SAY SOMETHING" and "BELIEVE" were exhibited in London, UK from September 22 to October 3

- The work "AGREEMENT IS IMPORTANT BUT AGREEMENT IS NOT IMPORTANT" was exhibited at the Gallery of Sustainable Art in Berlin, Germany in mid-January 2021

- The painting "GIRLS POWER" made it to the finals of the drawing competition of the University of Antwerp and Panathlon 2021 (Antwerp, Belgium) and was awarded the "Special Thanks" prize.

-Paintings "BLM" and "SAY NO TO CAPITALISTIC OIL" got to the final stage of the Walter Koschatzky Art-Award 2021, Austria, Vienna

- Works published in The Chelsea Hotel zine, Art Hole Magazine, Albe Art Magazine and MVIBE magazine.

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